The main objective of this WP is to define the information fields that are needed for the data pool to carry out the optimisation of turbines’ location and the design of a wind farm. The specific objectives of this WP are:

The main objective of this WP is to define the information fields that are needed for the data pool to carry out the optimisation of turbines’ location and the design of a wind farm, as well as to identify the data sources and definea methodology to acquire these data.The specific objectives of this WP are:

  • To define the information fields from the different types of data needed for the data pool.
  • To identify data sources, both public and private.
  • To characterise and classify data according to their nature.
  • To reach agreements with the institutions that own the data (if proceeds) and the procedures to assure the continuous supply of data.


Consortium – Work group definition

The SOPCAWIND consortium is a very strong and representative European consortium formed by diverse organisations. They constitute an interdisciplinary group of experienced and consolidated partners, each of them providing their expertise thus covering the several fields required for the project. – One of the best suppliers in industrial cleaning equipment such as scrubbers, sweepers, pressure washers and all kinds of cleaning products. – Thanks to technical solutions, materials and processes adopted, Comac machines are recognized in the market as maintenance of a high value over time, even if used in excess during its life cycle. The Comac product is a synonym for reliability.


Papers compilation

This is the list of papers published during the project: IREC conference 2014 Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews (Elsevier, April 2014) International Journal of Antennas and Propagation 2013 ICREPQ 2013 IEEE Transactions on Communications – 2013 URSI 2012 – WindFarm Broadcasting

Public Deliverables

All the public deliverables are now available on the web: Sopcawind Fact Sheet Sopcawind – Leaflet SopcaWind D1.2 – Data definition and acquired datasets Sopcawind D2.2 – SOPCAWIND datapool Sopcawind D3.2 – SOPCAWIND tool Sopcawind D4.2 – SOPCAWIND website Sopcawind D5.6 – Validation of the tool Sopcawind D6.6 – Leaflets, posters and other dissemination material

Press Release 4

Presentation of the FP7 Project SOPCAWIND (Software for the Optimal Place Calculation for WIND-farms) at EWEA, European Wind Energy Association, Annual Event FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – March 17, 2014: The Annual Event of EWEA, European Wind Energy Association, held last week in Barcelona, has seen the presentation of the SOPCAWIND tool (Software for the Optimal

Third Press Release

Project’s Third Press Release was published on january 2014. Read it here: Third Press Release- January2014

Ewea 2014 Publications

EWEA 2014 Poster (Julia Bethke) EWEA 2014 Poster (Diana Manjarres) EWEA 2014 PO.298 (David de la Vega) EWEA 2014 Poster 3E (Naima Vande Walle) 

International Journal of Antennas and Propagation. Special Issue: Impact of Wind Farms on Radiocommunication Systems

The International Journal of Antennas and Propagation is a peer-reviewed, open ac-cess journal that publishes original research articles as well as review articles in all areas of antennas and propagation. The link to the Project consists of the presenta-tion of results on the theoretical basis of the algorithms of the impact of wind turbines on 

International Conference on Renewable Energies and Power Quality ICREPQ 2013

This conference is intended to provide academics, scientists, engineers, manufactur-ers and users from all over the world with an opportunity to discuss recent develop-ment in the areas of Renewable Energies and Power Quality. In addition to the presentation at the Conference sessions, the papers accepted have been published in the Renewable Energy & Power Quality 

Second Press Release

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – April, 2013 – SOPCAWIND is a collaborative project under the 7th Framework Program of the European Commission. The €2M accessibility research and development effort brings together 6 European partners, 4 of which are SMEs, which collaborate on the SOPCAWIND Project. The main objective is to create a tool which enables to 


Sopcawind project will be present at EWEA 2013. Check out the poster created by 3E:ïmaVandeWalle.ppt 

Deliverable D6.8.1

Here you can find deliverable D6.8.1 about the project’s first press release. SOPCAWIND Deliverable 6.8.1 PressRelease1