The DIY centers of Leroy Merlin, Bricodepot, Bricomart, Aki and Bauhaus often for people who usually work at home on a professional level in the DIY world.

Although all centers seems very similar. (You can red this blog review in spanish for more details:

According to what you can see in Leroy Merlin, this center seems ideal for the preparation and decoration of the house, but also has an interesting part of services such as financing, transportation, installation, realization of projects to measure, guarantee of minimum price, cut of wood or framed, among others, that make the DIY center a very complete place.

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On the other hand we find Bricodepot, a company of German origin that also sells construction materials and DIY at low costs prices.

Particularly remarkable is the section of paints and treatments of wood, since the company puts at your fingertips all types of paint and complements, as well as materials that meet the demands of professional quality and always with the lowest prices. In addition, the center has a wide range of treatments for interior and exterior wood: protective bottoms, teak oils, varnishes, waxes, retouch fillers, wood sealants, cleaners.

On the other hand Bricomart sells all kinds of similar material, but apparently the prices are even stricter than in Leroy Merlin. Cement, sand and gravel (cement, sand and gravel, mortar, plaster for facades, plaster and gypsum, additives…) and various other elements for the construction of concrete (stairs, concrete mixers, scaffolding).Next we have the Aki center, a space that stands out for the great variety of products and their good value for money, especially in furniture of assembly(cabinets, shelves, drawers, tables…), Material for pets and wood and everything related to it.

Finally we find the company Bauhaus, which includes several services such as cutting free wood, assembly and installation of its products, rental of trailers and the service of copying of keys.

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