This conference is intended to provide academics, scientists, engineers, manufactur-ers and users from all over the world with an opportunity to discuss recent develop-ment in the areas of Renewable Energies and Power Quality.

In addition to the presentation at the Conference sessions, the papers accepted have been published in the Renewable Energy & Power Quality Journal No.11 (March 2013 ISSN 2172-038X).

Title: New algorithms for estimating the impact of wind turbines on telecommunication services

Contribution: paper and presentation (UPV/EHU)

Date of publication: 2013/03/22

Place of publication: Bilbao (Spain)

Type: International conference or meeting

Attendant: UPV/EHU

Abstract: The estimation of the potential impact of a wind farm on the existing tele-communication services allows the modification of the wind farm layout or the plan-ning of alternative solutions to guarantee the installation of a new wind farm without disturbing the surrounding services. This paper describes the development of new algorithms for the evaluation of the effect of a wind farm on telecommunication ser-vices (Air Traffic Control radars, Weather radars, radio links and radio navigation aids), and presents representative examples of impact studies. The novelty of these algorithms is that they estimate the safeguarding areas that should be avoided in the wind farm deployment, and therefore, they can be applied without a previous definition of the wind turbine locations. Therefore, results consist on the set of locations where a wind turbine might interfere in a specific service. These results are represented as visual masks on the terrain, easy to be used on GIS systems or Google Earth, and they are easy to combine with other constraints or datasets used in the wind farm design process (wind data, terrain slope, environmental protected areas, etc.). These algorithms will contribute to simplify and reduce the time required in the wind farm design process.