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Title: Empirical Doppler Characterization of Signals Scattered by Wind Turbines in the UHF Band under Near Field Condition

Responsible: UPV/EHU

Publication: 2013/03/06.

Abstract: Time variability of the scattering signals from wind turbines may lead to degradation problems on the communication systems provided in the UHF band, es-pecially under near field conditions. In order to analyze the variability due to the rota-tion of the blades, this paper characterizes empirical Doppler spectra obtained from real samples of signals scattered by wind turbines with rotating blades under near field conditions. A new Doppler spectrum model is proposed to fit the spectral char-acteristics of these signals, providing a notable goodness of fit. Finally, the effect of this kind of time variability on the degradation of OFDM signals is studied.