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    jul 08
    Wind Power Expo 2013 Wind Power Expo 2013 will be held in Zaragoza from 24th to 26th of september. Check out this link for (...)

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    jun 07
    Sopcawind at Euskadi Innova Another new about sopcawind has been published at Euskadi Innova (Spanish): http://www.euskadinnova.net/es/innovacion-tecnologica/noticias/herramienta-para-optimizacion-parques-eolicos/10473.aspx

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    jun 04
    Another publication in the media about Sopcawind Another new about Sopcawind project has been published in the media (Basque): http://www.europapress.es/euskera/noticia-parke-eolikoak-optimizatzeko-web-aplikazio-baten-sorreran-parte-hartu-du-ehuk-20130604132159.html

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